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We are an agency that provides representation, accompaniment and sports and personal development to all its players, prioritizing individual interests and providing tools so that they can be the protagonists of their careers in a conscious way and with criteria towards the achievement of their goals.

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UNIQUE TALENTS GROUP is oriented to satisfy the needs of our players, coaching staff and sports clubs, in order to work together and meet the defined objectives, obtaining effective and sustained results over time. We work with a strong commitment to the management of values, being moral ethics, respect and loyalty, as well as the recognition of the integral development of people the guiding principles of our actions.


The vision of UNIQUE TALENTS GROUP is to accompany and develop our athletes and sport in general, transmitting values and maintaining a relationship of trust, loyalty and nobility over time.

Lic. Daniel Ramagli

Director UTG Global

Sports Manager and Human Resources Analyst. His work experience is focused on different areas, each one of them based on a great professional commitment, which has contributed to his growth, both at work and personally. Linked to the sports world for almost 20 years, Daniel not only manages our company, but also has a warm and active relationship with each of our clients.

Cr. Pablo A. Lemas Romano

Director UTG Global
Intermediary registered with AUF FIFA COMET Number 5579744

Public Accountant, in his beginnings he developed as an auditor in the firm KPMG and in the financial world in a prestigious credit administrator.
In 2010 he joined Club Atlético Peñarol, in the role of Administration and Finance Manager, being in charge of the accounting, HR, reporting and planning, operations, purchasing, financial projection and strong link to the sports legal area. From the beginning, he joined the soccer players’ contracting commission, which during 12 years generated a strong learning, experience, growth and linkage with soccer players, coaches, managers, intermediaries and clubs from all over the world.
Today he is embarking on a new stage as Director of UTG, bringing all his experience to this great project.

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Carlos Sánchez

Sports Manager

Ex-football player, Champion of America in 1987 with Club Atlético Peñarol, in his technical role he was part of Diego Aguirre’s team in 2003-2004. His experience linked to the world of soccer led him to be Sports Manager of the club on several occasions. Today it is a great pride for UTG Global that he heads the sports area.

technology and marketing

Lic. Nicolás Tribucio

Proyect Manager UTG Global
More than 10 years of experience, International Business and Integration, currently working as Director and Founder of Kleck Digital. Team leader, motivating and guiding to reach the common goals and achievements of the team, as well as the management of each part. High level decision making on business policy and strategy. Highly motivated to find opportunities and develop new initiatives and ideas, delivering sustainable and profitable growth.


Pablo Curbelo

Jorge Curbelo


Tomas Silvera


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