Historic night for the franjeados

Danubio defeated Defensor Sporting in an exciting match at the Gran Parque Central. After drawing 0-0 in regulation time, Danubio won 4-3 in penalties, securing their place in the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana for the first time in their history.

The match was significant for both teams, as the winner secured a minimum income of $900,000 and the possibility of playing at least six more games in the competition, while the loser was eliminated from international competition for the rest of the season.

For Danubio, the victory had a particularly sweet taste, as the last time they faced Defensor Sporting in a direct elimination match was in 2005, when “the one-eyed man” eliminated them from the competition in this same stadium. Since then, Danubio has suffered ten consecutive eliminations in the Copa Sudamericana and five more in the Copa Libertadores. Last night’s victory represents an important milestone for the club and its fans, giving them the opportunity to make history on the international stage.

Danubio has stood out for its ability to develop young players from its academy, many of whom participated in last night’s match. The victory is a testimony to the club’s success and focus on player development.

Congratulations to Martin Rea, player of Unique Talents Group, and the entire Danubio family for this milestone!”

Photo: El País

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