Strong signings

Strong signings

The Brasilerao is the most powerful league in the continent and shows it with more notoriety each period. In recent days it has not been the exception and they impressed with very important transfers.


The most expensive. Flamengo paid 13.5 million euros to repatriate the fast forward who played for Benfica. In the middle of 2020, the Portuguese had paid 20 million to tGremio for the brazilian.

José Manuel López

Palmeiras is the current two-time champion of the Copa Libertadores and is going for a three-time championship that would be historic. For this, he disbursed almost 10 million euros for the 21-year-old Argentine center forward who was a member of Lanús.

Cristian Pavón

Arsenal was interested in him at his best moment but the transfer was not made and the winger who was a World Cup player with Argentina lowered his performance a lot until he left Boca Juniors free for Atlético Mineiro.

Arturo Vidal

The Chilean is champion wherever he plays. He returns to South America after his time at Inter Milan and a long period in Europe where he shone at Juventus and Bayern Munich. He arrives at Flamengo on a free transfer.


The Brazilian also arrives with the letter of freedom. He does so after nine seasons at Manchester City, where he was able to wear the captain’s ribbon repeatedly. He returns to his first team in the First Division: Athlético Paranaense.

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