In an exciting final, the Uruguayan team became champion by beating Italy 1-0. Luciano Rodríguez was the author of the only heavenly goal in the La Plata stadium, winning the long-awaited title, after having been very close in the 1997 editions against Argentina, and in 2013 against France.

The team led by Marcelo Broli showed an exceptional performance throughout the tournament, accumulating six wins and only one loss. After an impressive debut winning 4-0 against Iraq, they suffered a close loss to England 3-2. However, they quickly bounced back and closed out the group stage with a 1-0 win over Tunisia.

In the second phase of the tournament, Uruguay continued their winning streak by beating Gambia 1-0 in the round of 16. Then they showed their strength by defeating the United States 2-0 in the quarterfinals. In a thrilling semi-final, they edged past Israel with a tight 1-0 scoreline, securing their place in the grand final.

The victory in the final is an outstanding achievement for the Uruguayan team, which showed its talent and determination in every game. With this title, Uruguay once again leaves its mark on the history of football and establishes itself as one of the most outstanding teams in the Under-20 category worldwide.

Image: AUF

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